Upgrade and Save: Navigate the 3G Shutdown with SITECH Solutions

Prepare for change and save BIG.

Are you at risk of losing connection? With the pending shutdown of 3G networks in Australia, it's crucial to prepare and avoid disruptions to your business.  SITECH Solutions is here to help you make a seamless transition to 4G technology with our exclusive upgrade offers.

Trade-Up to 4G SNM941 Modem & 4G Antenna

20% Discount

Trade in your 3G SNM940 Modem and get a 20% discount on a new 4G SNM941 Modem and 4G Antenna.

Ensure your operations continue smoothly with the latest 4G technology.

3G Modem Trade Up to 4G

Trimble 3G Controller Trade-Up to 4G

$3,000 Discount

Trade in your Trimble 3G Controller and receive a $3,000 discount on a new Trimble 4G Controller or Rover equipped with Trimble Siteworks Software.

Upgrade now to maintain connectivity and enhance your surveying capabilities.

3G Controller Trade Up to 4G

Why Upgrade?

Upgrade now - don't wait until it's too late.

Avoid Disruptions: Stay connected and avoid operational interruptions caused by the 3G network shutdown.

Enhanced Performance: Enjoy faster, more reliable connections with 4G technology.

Future-Proof Your Equipment: Ensure your surveying technology is up-to-date and ready for future advancements.

Prepare for the change now and secure your business's continuity. Take advantage of our special offers to upgrade your technology and save.

For further info chat to Grant Hibburd - email: grant.hibburd@sitechsolutions.com.au or call him on mobile: 0418 808 214.  Alternatively, just click the link or fill the form below.

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